Recordings of London Voices (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Hobbit) at Angel Studios for upcoming album!

Dear Fans & Friends,

we proudly announce our 2nd collaboration with choir ensemble London Voices for the upcoming Leaves’ Eyes album! Leaves’ Eyes and the London Voices choir ensemble worked successfully together on „King of Kings“. Alex Krull:“We had a fantastic recording session at Angel Studios in London. It was really great to work again with Terry Edwards, Ben Parry and the London voices! Great job also by Frank Heckel (Tatort) for the choir preparation.“ Terry Edwards (Chorus Master):„A rewarding afternoon for all of us. Exciting music, and superb playing by Leaves’ Eyes. It is a pleasure for London Voices to be involved in the work of the band.“ Ben Parry (Conducter):”What a pleasure to work with Leaves’ Eyes! Thank you for the enjoyable session.“

Stay tuned for more details of the upcoming Leaves’ Eyes album!