Leaves‘ Eyes „Dark Love Empress“ playthrough by bassist Andre Nasso.

  Leaves’ Eyes – „The Last Viking – Midsummer Edition“ 3 CD plus 1 BluRay: https://afm.fanlink.to/LeavesEyesTheLastVikingMidsummerEd… On tour: https://www.leaveseyes.de/tour/


THE LAST VIKING – Midsummer Edition

BIG NEWS! On 17th September 2021 the „THE LAST VIKING – Midsummer Edition“ 3 CD plus 1 BluRay will be released Including tons of bonus material! The outstanding documentary (95 min.) „VIKING SPIRIT“ now available as BluRay plus Bonus material in a bundle with the masterpiece „THE LAST VIKING“. One new chapter „Viking Weapons“ about weaponry and weapon expertise of the Viking age added to the documentary! Now also with subtitles in the languages FR, ES, DE and EN. Get the „THE LAST VIKING – Midsummer Edition“ released exclusively in a bundle with the album, the instrumentals and the soundtrack  more…


New cooperation with Leaves‘ Eyes Viking Crew

BIG thanks to Chrossy Keytelson and our friends from the Leaves‘ Eyes Viking Crew for another great cooperation! More news soon!


Andre Nasso joins Leaves‘ Eyes and Atrocity

Dear fans and friends, please welcome Andre Nasso as new member of the Leaves’ Eyes & Atrocity family.   We’ve shared the stage of Morbidfest 2019 with Atrocity and Sadist and we already toured together with Leaves’ Eyes on the Female Metal Voices Tour 2019. Andre will take care of the low end!   Andre comments: „Some great news out of this awful year!!! I’m flattered to officially join this family of professional musicianship. Since we shared the stage of Morbidfest and played together on the FMV 2019 it’s been great to work with this bunch of people! I’m really  more…


BMW Esports cooperation

United in Rivalry ⚔️⚔️ Alex Krull did a cool cooperation with BMW Esports and a League of Legends gaming event! Check it out here!   #BMWesports #msi2021 #UnitedInRivalry #leagueoflegends #leaveseyes #alexanderkrull #alexkrull #vikingspirit #leaveseyesvikingcrew #jomsborg