Liv Kristine – Presale solo show in Wuppertal Started!

The tickets for LIV KRISTINE's solo show at B7, Wuppertal on the 21st of December are now on sale!

You can order them online by clicking the following link:

You can also buy tickets at the following locations:

Elberfeld – Ticket-Zentrale, Volksbühne, Wuppertal Touristik, Café Ada
Barmen – LCB, Musikhaus Landsiedel-Becker
Langerfeld – Reiseoase
Cronenberg – Cronenberger Anzeiger
Ronsdorf – Ronsdorfer Bücherstube
Vohwinkel – Buchhandlung Jürgensen

Innenstadt – Solinger Tageblatt
Ohligs – Buchhandlung Kiekenap
Wald – Buchhandlung Bücherwald

Innenstadt – Gottl. Schmidt Lennep – Rotationstheater
Lüttringhausen – Lüttringhauser Reisebüro
I am really happy to announce that LAHANNYA will support LIV KRISTINE at our three up-coming solo shows in December.

Moreover, I have more good news for all Theatre of Tragedy fans: Lutz Demmler (ASP, Lahannya, ex Umbra et Imago) will be my special guest!

We will perform a legendary duet many of you will remember from 1996: Tanz der Schatten!

This will be a very special night with LIV KRISTINE and LAHANNYA!

Can't wait to meet and greet you all after the show!