Liv Kristine – – New teaser and new page design!

Dear Fans & Friends,

here's the teaser of the track “Silence” for you! It was composed in one night. Initially there was this very interesting piano tune, by which the song begins, which really made my musical heart fall in love immediately. It is, to be honest, one of the most interesting compositions I've been part of. Moreover, it was truly emotional to record it because this song tells my own story. The way it builds up in its structure and emotional expression is quite unusual, too. It was recorded in one complete take to optimize the emotional effect. Thematically the song is strongly bound to a certain state of being: I imagine “silence” to be that comforting feeling which takes you deeper into you soul-life where you face your emotions, thoughts, dreams and past experiences. “Silence in the deep” conveys both the feeling of freedom when floating under water, hearing your heart beat, your own breath, and also the wish to be in balance with yourself, knowing who you are and what life is worth. My inspiration comes from the sound of water, which is especially dear to me since I grew up by the sea. I hope you find your own “silence” in this song. 




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