LIV KRISTINE – Cover artwork and release dates of new solo album VERVAIN!

10537063_859787047367410_8602480916812084244_nDear Fans & Friends,

here’s the cover artwork of my up-coming album VERVAIN!

Artwork by Stefan Heilemann.

The release dates are:

October 24th 2014 EUR October 27th 2014 UK November 4th 2014 USA & CAN

I can’t wait to let you hear my new album! Further information is attached, moreover, great news about the guest singers will follow soon!



              Product Info LIV KRISTINE – VERVAIN The finest piece of music art – and nothing less This album definitely is larger than even Liv Kristine herself might be aware of by now. She has established a world-wide career. Moreover, she was nominated for the Grammy Award. Liv has sold upwards of 500,000 records with Theatre of Tragedy, toured through more than 40 countries on five continents, and has charted consistently with Leaves’ Eyes, Theatre of Tragedy, and as a solo artist. Now, Liv Kristine has created VERVAIN! Liv Kristine’s fifth solo album unfolds as a dark rock masterpiece assembling terrific melodies, enthralling song structures and a world class voice – all captured in an incomparable premium sound. Deliberately, the singer bethinks herself of the musical strengths that made her famous as the epicenter of the legendary Theatre of Tragedy. In cooperation with talented musicians she now delivers her greatest production ever. Haunting tunes, imaginative instrumentation and extraordinary creativity unite into the finest piece of music art eternalized in a perfect sound production. Never before, the Norwegian vocalist has seduced ears and minds under the cloak of such a variety of characters – all of them torn between darkness and light. “My Wilderness” is a brilliant rock song and the perfect opener for the album. In “Love Decay”, a soon-to-be gothic hit, two longing vampires crave for love in a passionate duet*. Driven by energetic rock beats, her haunting and angel-like voice on “Hunters” only gives a glimpse of what a femme fatale is able to do with men. Contrary to this, the fragile and vulnerable “Lotus” makes you melt, displaying as a heart-breaking elegy of loneliness. The fateful instrumentation of “Creeper” seems to soak a doomed Liv Kristine into decay ironically. A highlight solely by the combination of these two singers, the tailor-made duet “Stronghold of Angels” merges both so unequal voices just naturally, as if they had been singing together all their lives*. The variety of VERVAIN seems to be the outcome of different gifted song writers – which it is not! However, all the songs share the same intriguing atmosphere only the original Theatre of Tragedy-songs knew to create. What better occasion is there to present VERVAIN live than the “The Sirens” tour of gothic metal legends Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes, ex-Theatre of Tragedy), Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-The Gathering) and Kari Rueslåtten (ex-The 3rd And The Mortal)? VERVAIN is a true gift for myriads of her followers who have been following Liv Kristine’s career since the golden times with Theatre of Tragedy! Robert Suß * Guest singers soon to be announced! ORKUS presents THE SIRENS in concert 2014 feat. Liv Kristine, Anneke Van Giersbergen & Kari Rueslåtten 14.10.2014 DE Bonn, Harmonie Tickets: 15.10.2014 FR Colmar, Le Grillen Tickets: 16.10.2014 UK London, Proud Tickets: 18.10.2014 BE Wieze, Metal Female Voices Fest Tickets: 19.10.2014 NL Oss, De Groene Engel Tickets: 06.12.2014 CH Pratteln, Z7 Tickets: 17.12.2014 NL Zoetermeer, Boerderij Tickets: 18.12.2014 DE Jena, F-Haus Tickets: 19.12.2014 DE Nagold, Alte Seminarturnhalle Tickets: 20.12.2014 FR Paris, Divan Du Monde Tickets: Booking: More dates to be announced soon!