LEAVES' EYES – "Mine Tåror Er ei Grimme" own words and translation by Liv

Dear Fans & Friends, the basic idea behind this song is the medieval ballad. Musically, we decided to base the instruments on the vocals, as the vocal lines and the lyrics came first in the composing process of this track. That’s rather an exception to the “rule”, by the way; normally music comes first, and then vocal lines with lyrics. Thematically, the lyrics are of elegiac content: It is a melancholic poem, in which a wife mourns a lament for her dead husband, fallen in battle. We follow her in the mental processing of the pictures of his brutal death, but as the same time she is trying to forget them, i.e. to move on with her life somehow. She is trying to find the answers in her elegy, and in her heart. “The red gold” surely refers to ‘the sun’, however, has a connotation to ‘blood’, both essential for the existence of life. It was quite an emotional experience to record this song, as it has a sad content. Moreover, I sung it in Nynorsk (New Norwegian or Norwegian Nynorsk), which is the majority language form of Western Norway, including Stavanger, where I grew up. Have fun reading Nynorsk! Sincerely, Liv / Leaves’ Eyes PS: Thank you, Anette, for adding traditional feel to the vocals. Mine Tåror Er ei Grimme (original) Mine tåror er ei grimme Med gråte kann eg ikkje vinne Soli online casinos bleikna eit siste ord Hjarta ditt flaut i blod Hav og himmel sei meg då Kva gjer eg no I dagar mange eg rådlaus sat Vaken sviv eg viljelaus Eg vil vita sei meg då Kvar er du no Det skin av sverdet Det raude gullet Hjarta mitt vil ikkje kvile Det skin av sverdet Det raude gullet Hjarta mitt vil aldri tvile Mine Tåror Er ei Grimme (translation) My tears are not hideous My crying doesn’t make me survive The sun turned cold, one last word Your heart drowned in blood Ocean and heaven please tell me What shall I do now For many days I just sat there, I was helpless Awake, I am weak-willed I need to know now What shall I do The sword is shining in the sun The red gold My heart has no peace The sword is shimmering in the sun The red

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gold Only my heart knows the truth