Dear Fans and Friends,
We heard about some difficulties regarding the delivery of the new album THE LAST VIKING due to the situation of Covid-19. Our label AFM Records is working to solve the shipment problems, as we all don’t want that you have to wait any longer for the new record. It’s very frustrating for all of us what’s happening, some of our fans still have to wait to get the album, every day we are all facing another issue due to the pandemic and also our chart performances will suffer heavily from all of this. We hope, that everyone will get their copies as soon as possible, so we can all celebrate together the release of THE LAST VIKING!!! Thank you for your big support, we just reached over 100.000 views in 3 days for the video WAR OF KINGS on Facebook, which is awesome!!! We miss you all, and we hope to see you on tour when the Covid-19 madness is over!
Rock on and stay safe,
Leaves’ Eyes