Special guest acoustic show Marbach

On the 11th of september we will have a special guest at our acoustic show in Marbach!

Musician and storyteller Gill Tailor.

A unique opportunity to experience Maori culture. Gill Taylor will perform a waiata (pron. why-a- ta) from New Nealand ‘Purea nei’ (pron. puhree a ney) accompanied by ancient maori instruments Taonga puoro
This song was originally composed by a great chief Ueoneone (pron. u e ony ony) declaring his love for two sisters. english translation of the waiata……

scattered by the wind
washed by the rain
trandformed by the sundoubts are swept away
retraints are cast away

fly free spirit fly
to the clouds in the heavens
transformed by the sun
all doubts are swept away
all retraints are cast down.