Leaves' Eyes and Atrocity Latin American tour cancelled, rescheduling for 2013

Dear fans and friends from Latin America. 

With great sadness we have to announce that the planned shows in july in Latin America can not take place. 

We are really disappointed that we can't come over and play for all of our Latin American fans and we are working hard at rescheduling the tour for 2013. 

For the reason of cancellation, here is the statement we received from our agent Darkdimensions in Latin America: 

“Unfortunately the Leaves' Eyes and Atrocity Latin-American Tour which was supposed to happen this July has to be cancelled.

The main reason is that Show Factory (Ecuador promoter) couldn't fulfill the needed requirements, which sadly made it not possible for the tour to happen this time as the shows were connected to each other. 

We are working for the tour to be rescheduled in 2013.”