Thank you Vancouver!!!


Thank you Vancouver!!! Next stop: Portland!


Thank you Seattle for a great concert!!!


Thank you Seattle for a great concert!!!Next stop: Vancouver, are you ready?  

Portland Show rescheduled, Edmonton show cancelled due to state of emergency.

frozen bus

Due to the state of emergency declared by the authorities, Moonspell and Leaves’ Eyes have to postpone their performances at the Alhambra Theatre in Portland.                       The weather conditions and the heavy snowstorm created a situation about which the promoters were forced to make a choice.   The plan now is to play this show Tuesday February 11th. We will have to skip Edmonton because of the weather/road conditions, which we are deeply sorry about. However, this is the only way we can keep this tour going. We will be  more…


Thank you, Oakland!! Sold out & fantastic show!!!


Thank you, Oakland!! Sold out & fantastic show!!!


Thank you Ramona!!


We had a great time in Ramona, California!! Next stop: Oakland!

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